International Research Centers

National-Level Research Centers

University-Level Research Centers

  • chinese version

  • Taida Institute for Mathematical Sciences(Under Construction)

  • Center for Technology Policy and Industry Development (Under Construction)

  • Energy Research Center (Under Construction)

  • Center of Innovation and Synergy for Intelligent Home and Living Technology (Under Construction)

  • NTU Center for Biomedical Ethics (Under Construction)

  • Health Science and Wellness Center (Under Construction)

  • TSMC-NTU Joint Research Center (Under Construction)

  • Taidah Entreprenuership Center (Under Construction)

  • NTU Research and Development Center for Medical Devices(Under Construction)

  • Food Safety Center of NTU(Under Construction)

  • Stanley Wang D-School @ NTU(Under Construction)

  • Animal Resource Center(Under Construction)

  • Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics (Under Construction)

  • Fintech Research Center(Under Construction)

For more information on Academic-level research centers, please refer to the Academic Programs website

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